Meet our Instructors

Scott Rogers, co founderScott Rogers

Scott Rogers, M.S., J.D., is co-Director of UMindfulness and its Director of Programs and Training.  He founded and directs the Mindfulness in Law Program at the University of Miami School of Law. Progessor Rogers initiated the teaching of mindfulness across the University of Miami, and has been speaking and conducting programs across all three campuses for more than 10 years.  At the law school he teaches Mindfulness in Law, Mindful Ethics, Mindful Leadership, and Mindfulenss and Motivating Business Compliance with the Law.  Professor Rogers’ mindfulness programs have also been adapted and taught to accountants, athletes, bankers, educators, firefighters, lawyers, judges, law students, mediators, medical students and residents, physicians, children, parents, negotiators, and therapists.  He created the Mindfulness-Based Attention Training (MBAT) program and teacher training program which has been the subject of research and peer review publications originating out of the Jha Lab.

Gus Castellanos Gus Castellanos

Gus Castellanos, M.D. is a retired Neurologist, University of Miami Miler School of Medical 1980. He practiced Neurology and Sleep Medicine in Palm Beach County from 1987-2006. He has been a practitioner of mindfulness since 1999 and a teacher of Mindfulness Based Programs since 2009. He is trained by the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness and by the Jha Lab at the University of Miami. He currently teaches at a variety of facilities and venues throughout South Florida. He serves as adviser to the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness' outreach MBSR program at Jupiter Medical Center. He writes a bimonthly South Florida Mindfulness newsletter with over 1000 subscribers and founded a local mindfulness teacher sangha in 2011 that continues to meet every month.

Lucas Irwin pictureLucas Irwin

Lucas Irwin is the President of Rebel Mindfulness and a Qualified MBSR instructor (University of Massachusetts, Center for Mindfulness). Lucas is also an ex-NCAA athlete, founder of SteelhouseFitness, a published author and a poet. Lucas has found a true passion and love for helping others explore the potential benefits of bringing mindfulness into their own lives.

Adriana Moreno-ZarateAdriana Moreno-Zarate

Adriana Moreno-Zarate is an instructor in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, qualified by the Center for Mindfulness and Medicine at the University of Massachusetts. Adriana teaches this program to teachers of the Miami-Dade County school system, and has extensive experience teaching Yoga and Meditation at the University of Miami.